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Dog Bite Reduction Tips

I am editing and reprinting this during National Dog Bite Prevention Week 2016. Here are some tips for dog owners to improve safety: There is NO 100% safe or non-biting breed or crossbred. Do not fall for this.  Nor are there … Continue reading

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Juniors – Remember, these are kids

This was original called “Why Can’t Kids be Kids? Junior Handlers” and was published I do not remember now long ago in the now defunct Sheltie Pacesetter magazine.  Somewhere in my boxes I think I still have a copy of … Continue reading

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ABC’s Of Safety (When Police/Fire/Rescue are called)

This is an expanded version of a handout available on The Safe Kids/Safe Dogs Project website.  It may be found here. If you have ever been in an emergency situation, how did you feel?  Were you scared?  Did you panic?  … Continue reading

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