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Growling – why I need it!

This is from a handout I created almost four years ago. I tried to reformat it for a blog – not always the easiest thing to do  🙂 Please note: this is not addressing play growling.  This addresses growling because your … Continue reading

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What Will I Teach?

Karen Peak At UKC shows, Junior Handlers are often asked questions about the breed of dog they are handling. Later, the judge told me Connor had informed her that since he was Autistic and may not be the best handler, … Continue reading

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Here We Come A’Caroling

Karen Peak Oh Christmas tree oh Christmas tree, How I love your ornametry. Oh Christmas tree with shimmery balls, That soon shall crash on down the halls. Those pretty lights all shining bright! A chomp then fire may light the … Continue reading

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Be It Purebred or Crossbred, Good Breeder or Good Rescue: do what is right for YOU!

Original working title was There Is No Shame. You have two puppies to choose from. Puppy one you are told there is no good way to determine final size, coat type or expected behaviors as the puppy matures. Puppy two … Continue reading

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Dancing, Pageants and Effective Leading

Some days I worry about the paths my brain takes. I admit I watch that genre of television called “reality.” Two particular shows give strong lessons regarding effective teaching and leadership that apply to humans, canines and many other species. … Continue reading

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Pets as Presents – can it work?

Karen Peak There has been a lot written about why not to give pets as presents. However, if certain strict criteria is met, there is a possibility the gift can work. Unless, after a lot of research and willingness to … Continue reading

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Excuse or Explanation

Excuse:  to make apology for: to try to remove blame from Explain: to give the reason for or cause of: to show the logical development or relationships of (Merriam Webster Dictionary) Dog behavior in various situations has been an on and off … Continue reading

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