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Responsibility to my Guests

The Holiday Season is officially here.  If I see one more meme in my Facebook feed telling me how your dog owns the house and your guests need to deal with it I think I will cry. I am sorry, these … Continue reading

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Holiday Safety

Here We Come A’Caroling  (Original title from 2013) This has been dug up at the request of my 11 year old daughter.   Sarah, here you go.  You laughed so much when we wrote these.  The Dad and big brother think … Continue reading

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Nature vs Nurture – a basic look at temperament

Article originally written for and published in 2003 by Sheltie International, Reporter Publications Updated and rewritten in 2015. There has been much discussion regarding the role of genetics in temperament. One question that is relatively easy to clarify is who influences temperament … Continue reading

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