Octogrefest and Pool Water

Conversations With My Dogs

It is my favorite time of year.  Also stressing as the pool gets closed.  We opt to have a company do this do if there is a problem with draining a line and it freezes, it is on them.  This was the day we drained the pool.  All I wanted to do was watch a horror movie and chill while waiting for the guys.  Nope… 

IMG_1599Our pumpkins from 2016.

Uhura: Lady, lady, lady, lady….. laaaaaady….

Me: What?

Uhura: We need talks.

Me: What did Foster do now?

Uhura: We need talks. WE NEED TALKS!  TALKS TALKS TALKS!!!!

Me: I heard you, settle down.  What did Foster do now?

Uhura: It be Octogrefests.

Me: You mean Octoberfest?

Uhura: Nopes.  It be falldowns and monsters and happyparties timeys.  Pretty sure Octogrefests.  Be scary time of da year for doggies and chaseycats.  Fings smells goods and punkiny and crunch leaves but…

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