Christmas Safety 2015

My daughter really loves when I write these things.  The boy and husband just groan.  Therefore I decided to let the critters write this instead!


Ravyn and Foster loving the snow.  All my dogs are trained to wait at doors before dashing out.


Doorbells ring, I am listening!

In the lane, headlights glistening,

On Christmas Night, I’ll give you a fright,

Dashing into Winter Wonderland!

 It is important we learn to wait at doors that lead outside. As visitors come and go, the risk of us racing outside increases.  Gates, crates, leashes in hand and closed doors can all be used to keep us safe.  Also, make sure we are microchipped!  Collars can come off and chips are a great back up!

puppy eating turkey

Not one of mine


Jingle Bells, good food smells,

That goosey I scarfed down!

Apple pie, and me oh my!

That stuffing’s golden brown!

Jingle Bells, good food smells,

Potatoes and some beer!

And at the vet I barfed it up!

So no more Christmas Cheer!

That food you love may make us sick.  A small bit of turkey may be fine to share but letting us eat a lot of fat and drippings, potatoes, carrots, gravy, dressing and such can be very bad.  Many foods you love can be toxic to us.  We can develop life threatening conditions such as bloat, pancreatitis or at least get an upset tummy.


Our tree from years past



Oh what a night!

The bulbs are brightly shining!

It is the night that you put up the tree!

Oh what a sight!

The ornaments are hanging!

‘Til I appear and the whole thing comes down!

The tinsel’s trashed,

The garland’s all in pieces,

And yonder lays,

The Manger from ‘neath the tree!

ALLLLLL ALLLL for meeeeee! The toy you did just give me!

…. Wait… what do you mean it is not a toy!?

Your decorations look like toys to us. Decorations can also hurt us.  Tinsel and garlands can block our intestines.  Chewing on light cords can cause a fire or electrocute us – or both.  If you have plenty of interactive toys for us and make the tree seem boring, it will help.  If needed, close doors or put up gates.



Drusilla – actually the cats are pretty good at ignoring the trees here.  Dogs too!


Now they scold me

With bumps on my bum,

Do not touch that that tree

A thump on my bum,

I did not know wrapped things

Were not for my fun!

You did not teach me well,

This is not how it’s done!

Those bumps on my bum,

You are no fun…

Now I’m scared of you

From thumps on my bum,

Now I won’t come!

We do not want to do bad things. We are animals and we like to have fun. If we start to associate your presence with bad things happening we will give signals we are stressed.  This is not guilt as you define it.  We are trying to diffuse a situation and have no idea what we did wrong.  You have provided a lot of things we want to check out and play with. We do not know the difference between your Faberge Egg and a tennis ball.  If we start to associate our names or coming when called with bad things, well we may start refusing to come to you. (Go back and sing the first song).



Our now passed Hunter doing what Hunter loved to do.  Work!  Keep them occupied and decorations stand a better chance of survival!


Make sure we are properly managed and have enough things to do this Holiday Season. We will be all the better and safer for it!  We know our humans put in the time and effort.  We are exercised well.  We get stuffed Kongs and bones.  If needed, gates go up.  We are critters and rely on you to keep up safe!

Happy Holidays! From – The Critters of West Wind Dog Training (which includes a bunch of cats too!)

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