It has been years since I have blogged.  I decided to try my hand yet again at blogging.  Some of my posts will be training, others will be observations and musings.  Some will be used to share the writings I do for a local paper.  I am in the print version only so many people do not get to see what I am doing.  I do not mind disagreeing and productive conversations, but if things become nasty accusatory, crass, rude, etc., you may leave  🙂

I have been working with dogs since 1982.  I opened West Wind Dog Training around 2000 and the year after, The Safe Kids/Safe Dogs Project.

I am a parent, a substitute teacher and published author.  My goal is to continue growing in my profession and share what I learn.

So, Welcome https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Cy0TwKA2J0

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